Essential, Fragrant & Carrier Oils

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What we sell:

  • 25ml - 100% Pure Essential Oils
  • 10ml - 100% Pure Essential Oils - Premium (Aromagold) 
  • 25ml - Fragrant Oil Concentrate - 25ml
  • 200ml - Carrier Oils

What we're about:

  • Kiwi owned small business owned by two sisters
  • Sold in a range of Bin Inns, health stores & pharmacies across NZ
  • Essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade
  • Fragrant oils are NZ made, with ZERO phthalates

Retail Price List


100% Pure OilBotanical name
Price (incl. GST)
AniseedIllicium verum$16.79
BergamotCitrus aurantium spp bergamia$38.56
CitronellaCymbopogon winterianus$16.79
Clove BudSyzgiun aromaticum$21.19
EucalyptusEucalyptus globulus$14.48
FrankincenseFrankincense Serrata$16.67
Pink GrapefruitCitrus paradisi$16.79
LavenderLavandula angustifolia$24.66
LemonCitrus Limon (4% Citral)$14.48
LemongrassCymbopogon flexuosus$21.19
LimeCitrus aurantifolia$21.19
PeppermintMentha piperita$21.19
Pine SylvestrisPinus sylvestris$21.19
Rosemary - Spanish Rosmarinus officinalis$21.19
Sweet OrangeCitrus sinensis$12.62
Tea Tree AustralianMelaleuca alternifolia$21.19


100% Pure, Premium Oil
Botanical namePrice (incl. GST)
Cedarwood AtlasCedrus atlantics$10.65
Clary SageSalvia scalrea$27.32
GeraniumPelargonium graeolens$29.30
Jasmine - 3% (with Jojoba)Jasminum offinale$20.00
Patchouli Pogostemon cablin$13.31
Rose - 3% (with Jojoba)Rosa damascena$32.00
Ylang YlangCananga odorata$23.28


Carrier Oil
Botanical namePrice (incl. GST)
Apricot Kernel
Prunus Armeniaca16.80
JojobaSimmondsia chinensis34.80
Rose WaterRose Damascena Flower water19.80
Sweet AlmondPrunus amygdalus dulcis14.25
Witch Hazel (14% alcohol)Hamamelis Virginiana water16.80


Concentrated Fragrant Oil
Price (incl. GST)
Black RaspberryRich, decadent, tartness of raspberries$16.79
Boronia PetalsWarm, soft fragrance$14.71
Christmas PinePungent, woody, festive scent.$16.79
Cottage RoseFull, lush rose scent$21.19
DK OneStrong, sensual scent, almost like aftershave$14.71
FrangipaniFresh, tropical, floral, soft and sensual$16.79
GardeniaStrong, white flora, sweet and heady$14.71
HoneysuckleEvocative sweet nectar, fresh and sweet$14.71
JasminSweet scent of Jamsin bouquet$14.71
Lily of the ValleyLight fresh scent with old-fashioned charm$16.79
Night QueenSpicy, rich floral scent, an old favourite$21.19
Opium MystiqueOriental scent, a top seller$16.79
Orange BlossomA squeeze of orange, slightly spicy$21.19
Rose & JasmineA classic floral blend of Rose and Jasmine$21.19
Rose GeraniumGorgeous sweet, with minty overtones$14.71
SandalwoodStrongly aromatic, warm and woody oriental$16.79
Sweet PeaVery sweet green scent with a peachy undertone$21.19
VanillaSoft, creamy vanilla scent$16.79
Vanilla FrenchStronger vanilla scent, rich and buttery$14.71
VenomCompelling scent, think 'tangy apple'$21.19
White MuskSoft, warm musk, a top seller$21.19
YsataIntoxicating, sensual, bold scent$21.19

Dilute 1/3 to 2/3 with isopropyl when applying directly to the skin.

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